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What We Offer

We're here for you and your home in every way! Take a look at our most popular services below. If there's something you need that you don't see, reach out to us!

Electrical Installation

Electrical installations could be simple or really difficult. Some require simple parts and other complex procedures and material. We ensure our technicians have a plethora of accessible knowledge to tackle any installation.

Service and Maintenance

Here at global power we are firm believers in maintenance, especially preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance is something that is not looked upon in electrical equipment, yet it can save you thousands of dollars and help preserve the longevity of your equipment. Ask any of our technicians about how you can take part in such an important service.

Electrical Safety Assessments

Safety inspections are crucial for every home even if the home is new. Safety inspections go a long way and can help prevent future problems.

Panel Upgrades

Traditionally, electricity is supplied through overhead network poles, where the cable from the power pole is connected to your building.