Tesla Charger Installation

New Homeownership Electrician

By Skyler Libkie / August 16, 2022

Many of us find working with electricity dangerous. Neglecting the electrical system in your home is dangerous. Here are some things to keep in mind when you hire an electrician. If you are involved in a New Homeownership and need an Electrician you are in luck! Look no further than Global Power! You should verify the qualifications.…

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Residential Electrician Fort Lauderdale

Residential Electrician Fort Lauderdale

By Skyler Libkie / August 8, 2022

Global Power and AC are South Florida’s top team of licensed electricians. They are always available and ready to tackle any job. We are Fort Lauderdale’s most trusted electrician. We have provided high-quality services in electrical repairs, maintenance, and installations throughout South Florida. We will ensure that your electrical components work at their best. South Florida Electricians have…

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Electrical Safety Assessment Boca Raton

Boca Raton Residential Electrician

By Skyler Libkie / August 1, 2022

Global Power & AC, Fort Lauderdale’s most reliable electrical contractor, is a source for high-quality electrical installations and repairs that don’t cost a lot. It is crucial to find an electrician you can trust when in trouble. We have been that kind of resource for many years.  This shows our unwavering commitment to the electric trade. Through…

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Residential Electrician Boca Raton

Residential Electrician Boca Raton

By Skyler Libkie / July 25, 2022

Boca’s residential electricians are aware of the dangers associated with electricity. Electricity can also cause dangerous situations at work. Overloaded wires or short circuits can lead to fires and injuries. Some arcs can also cause damage to equipment. Electricity can spark explosions when working with flammable gases or vapors. If you are looking for the best Residential…

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Electrician Palm Beach

Boca Raton Commercial Electrician

By Skyler Libkie / July 18, 2022

Global Power and AC is located in Boca Raton and serves all residential and commercial electrical services in Palm Beach and Broward counties. No matter what your residential or commercial electrical requirements are, we can help. We will respond quickly to your problem and offer a cost-effective, comprehensive solution. If you choose us, we will…

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Electrician in Miami

Boca Raton Electrician

By Skyler Libkie / July 12, 2022

Here at Global Power, we are responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical wiring and fixtures. We follow codes to ensure that their work meets the safety and code standards of their locality. We may also install street lights and electrical control systems. Licensed electricians typically complete vocational school training, as well as on-the-job training…

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Electrical Safety Assessment Miami

Residential Electrician South Florida

By Skyler Libkie / July 11, 2022

Global Power & AC is the best South Florida residential electrician. Some electrical installations only require the simplest parts. Others may require more complicated procedures and materials. You can be confident that your South Florida residential electrician is a professional and trustworthy choice. They will have the necessary knowledge to handle any type of installation, maintenance or…

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EV Home Charging Station

EV Home Charging Station

By Brett Gallop / July 7, 2022

EV HOME CHARGING STATION IN SOUTH FLORIDA Electric cars are becoming more common and more popular every year. You’ve likely seen more EV charging stations installed across the country. This gives EV owners greater convenience. Many EVs come with a standard plug to allow owners to charge them at home. While this is convenient, it can be slow…

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Best Electrician Near Me

Fort Lauderdale Electrician

By Skyler Libkie / June 29, 2022

You may be wondering how to hire a good Fort Lauderdale electrician. The answer is simple – just take your time and do the proper research. There are several important tips to follow when it comes to hiring an electrical contractor. Make sure to communicate your expectations and needs in writing. This will prevent any…

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Home Electrician in Palm Beach

Home Electrician in Palm Beach

By Joe Shopsin / June 22, 2022

Home Electrician in Palm Beach Requiring the help of a home electrician in Palm Beach isn’t just to fix severe electric issues in your households or when the lights inexplicably turn off for reasons you’re unaware of. At the end of the day, dealing with wires, outlets, and electrical panels is incredibly dangerous and therefore…

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