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Many of us find working with electricity dangerous. Neglecting the electrical system in your home is dangerous. Here are some things to keep in mind when you hire an electrician.

  1. You should verify the qualifications. Journeyman electricians can install wiring and equipment. Master electricians have more strict requirements. They can plan, design and install an electrical system and can also maintain it.
  2. Find an electrician who is skilled in the area you need, such as repair, new construction or remodeling
  3. Check the electrician's licensing and get ratings or recommendations from your contractor

The electrician will work with your architect or builder if you are remodeling or building. Your home warranty company might have a preferred provider if it is a repair.

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Training and licensing

You need to hire someone qualified when you have electrical work done in the home. This is not an option.

Your homeowner's insurance will not pay for any claims that you have arising from shoddy work if you hire a cheap cowboy. This applies if you don't get the required permit.

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Imagine the scene after your house is set on fire. The moment when you tell your spouse that you are down hundreds of thousands of $ because you spent a few Benjamins to do a wiring job.

You'd be wise to pray that you don't lose anything infinitely more valuable than your worldly possessions in such a fire.

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Although not all states license electricians, most do. Cities and counties are often able to fulfill this licensing function in states that do not have them.

Many websites offer overviews of licensing systems by state. But, guidelines change, and consumers file complaints. New electricians also enter the market. You might prefer to search online for current data: "electrician licenses [ your county/city].

Before any work is started, you need to check your license as an electrical contractor. Check that it is current and valid. Ask for insurance documents, such as workers' compensation, while you are reviewing paperwork.

Experienced Electricians

Types based on training/experience

A hierarchy of electricians is established based on years of experience and passing examinations. While the exact qualifying criteria may vary from one state to another, these three grades are usually:

  • Apprentice -- A trainee who should be supervising their work
  • Journeyman -- A person who has completed an apprenticeship, typically 4 years or 8,000 hours, and passed the journeyman’s examination
  • Master electrician -- A person who has been a journeyman for at least 2 years or approximately 4,000 hours and has passed the master electrician exam

Electricians can install wiring or equipment as journeyman electricians. To design and plan an electric system, a master electrician is required.

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New Homeownership Electrician

If you are looking for an electrician to do electrical work at your house, look for one who has worked in similar situations. This person will be familiar with all aspects of electrical problems that can arise in an existing house. He or she must also know how to fix them.

Don't choose someone who works only in offices, factories, or stores. These commercial environments often have electrical systems that are quite different than those in homes.

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A person who installs only new wiring in residential homes may not be able to diagnose and fix the problems that older homes often have.

Also, ensure that the person you choose is familiar with existing properties.

New Homeownership

Asking your neighbors, friends and coworkers for referrals can help you find the right contractor. You should be cautious. You never know what the individual recommended might have gone through since the job recommendation was made.

Companies and people can change over time. It's possible that your friend's entire experience was a fluke.

You should also check for electrical businesses that have been recommended, just like you would any other supplier. Check out the Better Business Bureau website and do an internet search for complaints. Ask for references from customers who have been with you recently and then follow up.

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An electrician who is skilled in working with existing homes will be able to meet all your technical requirements. However, she may not be able to meet all your needs.

She may be technically qualified, but that doesn't necessarily mean she can run a business, provide good customer service, or adhere to deadlines and budgets.

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