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Residential Electrician Fort Lauderdale
Residential Electrician

Global Power and AC are South Florida’s top team of licensed electricians. They are always available and ready to tackle any job. We are Fort Lauderdale’s most trusted electrician. We have provided high-quality services in electrical repairs, maintenance, and installations throughout South Florida. We will ensure that your electrical components work at their best. South Florida Electricians have the latest tools and techniques to ensure that every job is done smoothly. They are licensed and trained. We offer electrical services contracts that are available 24 hours a day. South Florida Electricians are available to work all hours of the day and night to keep the lights on. We can accommodate your schedule, even if you work odd hours. Global Power and AC recognize that each property and client is unique. No matter what time it is, we can help! If you are searching for the best Residential Electrician in Fort Lauderdale you are in luck! Look no further than Global Power & AC!

We offer both a labor and parts guarantee because our work is reliable. We offer a verbal warranty to back up our work and cover any failures or problems in installation.

Do you not know what you need? Are you unsure of what you need? Or how much parts and services will cost? We can help you! All jobs qualify for free estimates and quotes. We want you to be completely confident in the job you’re applying for. This covers all details, including the equipment needed, the time required, and any other details. Transparency and honesty are key when working with an electrician in Fort Lauderdale.

Global Power and AC are family-owned and managed businesses that care about South Florida. If you’re looking for the best electrician in Fort Lauderdale, call us!

  • Installation of light fixtures
  • Installations of electrical outlets
  • Ceiling fans are possible be installed
  • Inspection and upgrading of electrical panel
  • Installation, rewiring, and inspection
  • Installation surge protectors
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