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EV Home Charging Station
Home Charging

EV Home Charging Station in South Florida

Electric cars are becoming more common and more popular every year. You’ve likely seen more EV charging stations installed across the country. This gives EV owners greater convenience. Many EVs come with a standard plug to allow owners to charge them at home. While this is convenient, it can be slow to charge your EV with a standard outlet. Global Power & AC has helped many clients install electric vehicle charging systems in South Florida. This allows them to cut down on the charging time by up to half. We are certified to install your South Florida EV charging system. This will allow you to get your vehicle on the road quickly and easily. We can guarantee that you will benefit tremendously from our installation of your South Florida EV charger.

EVs have been known since their inception as a great alternative to gas-powered vehicles. Although electric charging is less expensive than gas-powered vehicles, it has its drawbacks. In South Florida, more EV charging stations are being installed in an effort to create an EV-friendly environment. While you can charge your EV at any of these stations, it’s not a reason to spend your time driving them. Our 240-volt EV charging station in South Florida is designed to charge electric vehicles quickly and efficiently. This will minimize downtime, and allow owners of electric vehicles to remain mobile and go green.

Mobile Adapters and Connectors

There are many pieces of equipment that EV owners can use to charge their cars while driving. You can access any South Florida EV charging station with a 20-foot extension cable. An adapter is included so your EV can be charged anywhere you want it to. The NEMA 5-15 adapter will allow you to use the 110-volt outlet, while the NEMA 14-50 allows you to connect vehicles to larger outlets. EVs typically have a range of 29 miles per hour. However, a wall connector can increase this charging speed. Wall connectors offer 52 miles per hour of charging.

Residential EV Charging

South Florida residents can enjoy the best convenience and most cost-effectiveness in EV charging stations. Global Power & AC can provide South Florida clients with their EV charging station installation services. You’ll be able continue your daily activities after you have a new at home EV charger station installed. The at-home charging process takes only 4 hours and uses a 240-volt outlet.

Global Power & AC’s EV charger stations can be used at home to give you the convenience of charging your vehicle without having to drive to another place. These stations are also very affordable and can be installed in your garage or carport for a fraction of the cost of a public charging station. Charging stations are less powerful than air conditioners and don’t need to be used as often.

Commercial EV Charging

Commercial property owners who install an EV charger in South Florida are making a great investment. This is largely due to the fact that Global Power & AC’s South Florida EV charging services can significantly increase property values.

Many property owners are now persuaded to use energy-saving methods due to the popularity of eco-friendly buildings. You’ll have more flexibility, range and lower costs when your commercial property is fitted with one our South Florida EV charging stations.

Global Power & AC can install an EV charger station in your South Florida business or home. For a free quote, call (561) 781-5655

South Florida EV Charger Benefits

EVs are more environmentally friendly than gas-powered cars. Installing an EV charger station in South Florida allows EV owners to charge their vehicles conveniently, rather than having to travel to another place. They also provide great financial benefits.

There are not many public charging points for EVs, as they are much less common than gas-powered vehicles. If you find constant travel annoying, there is an easy way to charge them. Global Power & AC offers South Florida’s electric vehicle charger installation – a service that can provide you with many benefits.


South Florida EV charging stations can offer many perks. One of the greatest perks is the convenience it offers homeowners. Even if there is an EV charging station nearby, you’ll still need to travel some distance to charge your car. This can impact your ability to do your daily tasks. You can save time by having an EV charger installed on your South Florida property.


An ordinary plug can charge your EV. It is convenient but can drain a lot of electricity from your home. These plugs are slow to charge EVs, so you will need to pay more electricity to keep your EV functional.

Global Power & AC’s South Florida EV charging station installation services will ensure that you never have to worry about this again. The South Florida charger stations can quickly charge your EV. This means that you will be able to drive your electric vehicle again faster than usual, and high-cost electricity won’t be an issue.

Speedier Recharge

Standard plugs can cause EVs to charge slowly. This can cause EV owners to have to wait for their vehicle to charge. A South Florida EV charging station can reduce the time required to charge your vehicle in half the time as compared to a standard plug.

Contact Global Power & AC Today for Quality EV Charging Station Installations in South Florida

Global Power & AC has been providing its high-quality EV charging station installation services for many years to those who couldn’t find one. We guarantee the best results with our South Florida EV charger station installation service. We are confident that you will be a satisfied customer when you hire our South Florida EV charging station installation service. Your EV will reach its maximum potential with our expert handiwork. You can contact us with any questions. If you have any questions about an EV Home Charging Station, call Global Power today. (561) 781-5655

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