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Palm Beach Electrician

Local Electrical Contractors - Serving Palm Beach and Broward Counties

Global Power has been South Florida's most trusted name for power restoration for years. Global Power is Palm Beach’s most trusted electrical safety assessment specialist. It is essential that homeowners conduct an Electrical Safety Assessment to ensure they are safe from electrical hazards. Global Power & AC is the most reliable Palm Beach Electrican, and we can help with your electrical safety assessment. Call today to schedule yours.

Knowledgeable Electricians

Many of the problems that our electricians have seen over the years are well-known to them. No matter the problem, no matter how strange it might seem, our electricians are likely to have seen it before. Global Power and AC can diagnose and repair any electrical problem you may have. You will feel more secure knowing that your home and business are safer.

Older homes and businesses in South Florida may have electrical problems or hazards due to older construction techniques. These outdated wiring and electrical arrangements were not designed to accommodate modern electrical appliances. A licensed electrician might be required to rewire a house or just one room. Global Power and AC can assist you in either.

For larger home projects, such as renovations or new constructions, you may need an electrical system that is customized to your home. By wiring up homes and businesses for specific purposes, we have helped homeowners and businesses in South Florida realize their dreams.

8 Signs You Need To Call A Professional Electrician

When dealing with electrical problems in your home or business, knowing when to call a professional electrician is crucial to ensure safety and proper functioning. Here are eight indicators that you need to contact a professional electrician:

  • Repeated Circuit Breaker Trips: If your circuit breakers are frequently tripping, this could signal overloaded circuits or defective wiring. An electrician can accurately diagnose and remedy the issue.
  • Lights Flickering or Dimming: Unsteady or dimming lights often indicate problems with your wiring or electrical panel and can also mean overloaded circuits.
  • Smell of Burning or Visible Sparks: If you detect a burning odor or notice sparks from an outlet or switch, it poses a significant safety risk. Shut off the power and call an electrician right away.
  • Warm or Hot Outlets: Outlets or switches that feel warm or hot might point to overloaded circuits or faulty wiring, both of which are fire risks.
  • Buzzing Noises: Electrical systems should operate without noise. Buzzing or humming sounds from outlets, switches, or appliances can indicate loose wiring or other electrical issues that require professional attention.
  • Non-Functioning Outlets or Switches: Outlets or switches that suddenly stop working may be due to wiring problems, a tripped circuit, or other electrical faults. An electrician can identify and fix the problem safely.
  • Electrical Shocks: Experiencing even a slight shock when plugging in or touching an appliance suggests grounding or wiring problems that need immediate professional inspection.
  • Outdated or Old Wiring: Homes with old wiring systems, such as knob-and-tube or aluminum wiring, are at a higher risk for electrical fires. If your home is older and hasn’t had a recent electrical inspection, it's a good idea to have a professional evaluate your system.

By addressing these signs promptly and contacting a professional electrician, you can prevent serious electrical hazards and ensure your electrical system operates safely and efficiently.

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