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Residential Electrician Boca Raton\

Boca’s residential electricians are aware of the dangers associated with electricity. Electricity can also cause dangerous situations at work. Overloaded wires or short circuits can lead to fires and injuries. Some arcs can also cause damage to equipment. Electricity can spark explosions when working with flammable gases or vapors. If you are looking for the best Residential Electrician in Boca Raton look no further than Global Power & AC!

Five hazards are particularly common but can be easily avoided if you contact a Boca Residential Electrician to inspect your home.

  • Live circuits can cause serious injuries if the worker comes in contact with them for a brief moment. Even if the shock doesn’t cause injury, workers can still be shocked and fall or jump into other people or objects. Workers who use live circuits to take shortcuts can end up causing injury to themselves and others around them.
  • Skip lockout/Tagout – Low-voltage circuits should have the current turned off at the switch box. A padlock should also be installed to prevent it from being reenergized. To indicate that equipment is out-of-service, tags are placed on switches and controls. The tags and locks should only be removed by the worker who locked the equipment out or someone with specific authorization.
  • Not having the right PPE – Personal protective equipment is an essential part of safety procedures. This could include anything from rubber insulating gloves to face shields to special helmets depending on the work environment.
  • Incorrect grounding- A properly ground circuit offers a high level of security as it directs electricity away from the body, giving it a quicker route to an earth’s surface.
  • Extension cords that are damaged: If the insulation is damaged and the bare copper wire is visible, or if someone used tape to repair or splice a damaged cord, it can be extremely dangerous and could lead to shock if they come in contact with moist surfaces.

There are many benefits to hiring a Boca residential electrician. It is important to prevent any damage to your electrical equipment. Global Poer & AC can help you with all your Boca Residential Electrician needs. Call (561) 781-5655 for more information.

Global Power & AC can help you with any South Florida residential electrician need.

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