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4 Reasons a Panel Upgrade Is Worth the Cost
Panel Upgrade

An electric panel is the main control panel for your home’s electrical system. It distributes power to different parts of your house and monitors how much power each circuit is using. If you have an older electric panel, it might not be able to handle the amount of electricity that your household uses these days. A panel upgrade from Global Power & AC can make sure that your home has enough power to run all your appliances and electronics safely. Discover four reasons why a panel upgrade is worth the cost below, and book a panel upgrade for your Palm Beach County or Broward County home today!

Keeps Your Home Safe

One of the biggest reasons why an electrical panel upgrade is worth the cost is because it helps keep your home safe. When you replace an old electrical panel, you're ensuring that your electrical system is up to date and meets all safety requirements, preventing any potential power surges and other hazards.

Increases Your Home’s Value

Whether you're upgrading to a new panel or adding more breakers, an updated electrical system is going to be worth it when selling your house because they often increase property value, due to being such a big investment. Having additional outlets installed in each room could also help increase your home’s resale value. Get in touch with the team at Global Power & AC for your next electric panel upgrade and outlet installation!

Protects Your Electrical System

A newer, updated electric panel is going to be better equipped to handle the demands of your electrical system. If you have a growing family or more appliances and electronics than ever before, an upgraded panel will help ensure that all of these items are running safely and smoothly.

Lowers Fire Risk

One of the main hazards with an outdated electrical panel is that it can overload, causing a fire. With a new electric panel installation, you're lowering the risk of this happening and ensuring that your family is safe at all times.

The licensed electricians at Global Power & AC provide electric panel upgrades to customers in Broward County and Palm Beach County, all while ensuring that your home is safe and up to date with the latest technology. Book a panel upgrade today!

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