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Residential Electrician Ft Lauderdale
Residential Electrician

A residential electrician is essential for anyone who is moving into a new house, renovating a home, or fixing an appliance or fixture that has stopped working. Global Power & AC offers outstanding customer service and has the knowledge, experience, and knowledge to make sure customers are happy. We will help you select the right electrical appliances or fixtures for your needs, and then we’ll do the expert electrical installation. If you have been searching for the best Residential Electrician in Ft Lauderdale look no further than Global Power!

Our electricians are able to install:

  • Television, phone, and computer wiring
  • Ceiling fan
  • Breaker panels
  • Exhaust fans
  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Appliance wiring
  • Bath wiring
  • Dimmers and light fixtures
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Smoke detector wiring
  • And More!

For prompt and efficient electrical repairs, you will need a licensed professional technician to fix any electric problem in your home. We’ll take care of your project, from small jobs such as fixing an outlet to large jobs like wiring your home.

Global Power & AC provides electrical repair services for the following:

  • Flickering or malfunctioning lighting
  • Problems with breaker panels or breakers
  • Appliance wiring
  • Ceiling fans
  • Doorbell systems
  • Pier or dock wiring
  • And More!

You’ll experience endless electrical problems if your home is not properly wired. You’ll have problems with appliances, lights flickering, and power shutting off. Even if the wiring is incorrect for one appliance, you could be in danger of everything from an electric shock to a fire in your home.

Global Power & AC is able to handle all of your wiring needs, including replacement wiring and repairs. This will ensure that your electric devices continue to work safely.

Florida residents are used to losing power due to hurricanes and severe storms. However, no one should be without power for long periods of time.

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