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Does Your Electrical Panel Need an Upgrade?

We recommend upgrading your home’s electrical panel if you’ve been experiencing consistent electrical problems or when the panel is outdated. If you’re renovating or expanding your home, that’s also an ideal time to upgrade your electrical panel so it can accommodate any changes. Knowledge of national electrical codes and working with electricity is required to upgrade your home’s electrical panel, so hire a professional. 

Our licensed electricians are eager to help! Contact Global Power & AC in Palm Beach for more information.

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What Is an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Your home’s electrical supply relies upon the electrical panel. That’s because it receives incoming power and redistributes it to the circuits in your house. If you’re adding additional circuits or your panel is outdated, our licensed electricians suggest upgrading your electrical panel. If you don’t, the panel is at risk of getting damaged or starting a fire.

Upgrading an electrical panel involves swapping to a new panel with new breakers. You must hire a licensed electrician to ensure that the new panel gets installed safely and correctly. It must adhere to the national electrical code as well.

What Are the Signs an Electrical Panel Needs an Upgrade?

As we mentioned above, you should upgrade the electrical panel in your home when it’s outdated or not functioning properly. However, there are some signs to watch out for as well. If you notice any of them, please contact our team of licensed electricians right away!

  • The panel smells burnt or feels hot to the touch
  • You want to add additional circuit breakers or outlets
  • The circuit breakers trip consistently 
  • You’re installing a new large appliance
  • The panel is unable to handle a higher input voltage level
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The Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

It’s important to upgrade your home’s electrical panel to ensure the safety of your family and house. However, there are also countless benefits that will come along with doing so. To name a few…

  • Increase your home’s circuit and electrical load capacity
  • Enjoy a stable flow of electricity
  • Upgrade to the latest electrical safety features
  • Boost your home’s value

Why Choose Global Power & AC?

If you determine your home needs an electrical panel upgrade, choose Global Power & AC in Palm Beach, FL. We’ve proudly serviced Palm Beach and Broward counties for over 15 years and are trusted as the experts in residential service and repairs. All of our licensed electricians are fully trained, knowledgeable, and equipped to handle any project. In addition to electrical panel upgrades, we’re often hired for:

  • Service and preventative maintenance
  • Electrical installations
  • Safety assessments

We’re committed to providing quality craftsmanship and excellent service. Our licensed electricians want to keep your family safe, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands when you hire us to upgrade your home’s electrical panel.

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Are you ready to upgrade the electrical panel in your house? Get in touch with Global Power & AC to get started! With over a decade of experience, our licensed electricians are prepared for any project in Palm Beach or Broward counties. You can expect efficiency, quality, and professionalism from your electrical panel installation process with us. For more information or to request a quote, contact us today!