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Electrical Safety Assessments
Electrical Safety Assessments

For homeowners who want to prevent electrical hazards, it is crucial to conduct an Electrical Safety Assessment. Failure to conduct safety assessments could lead to property damage or future injuries. It is therefore crucial that everyone knows the importance of these inspections. Global Power & AC can help you learn more about electrical safety assessments, call (561) 781-5655

What is involved in an Electrical Safety Assessment?

This will give you a complete report of all equipment plugged into your home and allow for an inspection by one of our licensed electricians. Global Power & AC will conduct an electrical safety assessment to identify any immediate issues that should be addressed immediately. These could include faulty outlets that need to be replaced, or wiring upgrades needed to allow for new appliances and other electrical devices to function properly. We will make sure your home is safe and sound.

Every day, electrical contractors are exposed to risks at the job site. However, proper risk assessments can reduce the risk of injury for electricians. Let’s dive deeper into this valuable tool.

What is an electrical installation risk assessment?

A risk assessment for electrical installations is a process that aids electricians to identify hazards, assessing risks, and putting in place risk controls before they begin work. The worker must consider the possibility of an electrical accident and the potential for injury during the assessment.

It is important to remember that NFPA70E, the workplace safety standard that requires this risk assessment, does not detail a specific assessment process. It outlines the elements that make up an electrical installation risk assessment. Employers are responsible for creating and maintaining the actual risk assessment plan.

Assessing the risk of electrical installations

It won’t happen. “I’m safe” Although electrical contractors may feel comfortable working with electrical equipment, there are potential hazards such as shock and arc flash that warrant extra precautions.

Contractors can avoid shock and arc flash by following safe electrical work procedures, such as performing an assessment of circuits.

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