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Palm Beach County Electrician

It can be difficult to choose the right team for your electrics. You need a local, licensed, and qualified electrician on your side. Global Power is known for being one of the most reliable and skilled electricians in Palm Beach. All types of electrical work are possible, including rewiring kitchens and bathrooms for large-scale commercial projects. We are one of the most prominent solar panel and electrical contractors in Palm Beach. Global Power is a Palm Beach County Electrician. We are familiar with the area. Call (561) 781-5655 for a free estimate.

Electric Services

  • Tests of Electrical Equipment
  • Electric Installations
  • Low-energy Lighting
  • Renewables
  • Repairs & Maintenance of Electrical Equipment
  • Upgrades to Electrical Equipment
  • Rewires of electrical equipment
  • Fire Alarms
  • Electric showers
  • Photovoltaic PV Solar Panels
  • Three-phase Power Supplies
  • Tesla Powerwall
  • Emergency Electrical Work

Global Power is a Palm Beach County Electrician. We are familiar with the area. Call (561) 781-5655 for a free estimate.

Global Power believes in a long-term strategy and will do everything we can to make sure you stay with us for the long term. Referrals account for 90% of our business.

What is a Periodic Inspection?

A periodic inspection is an examination that is done to verify that an electrical installation is safe. A report is issued confirming compliance with building regulations.

What are the signs I need to replace my fuse box?

If your fuse box is constantly blowing or making a loud buzzing sound, you will need to replace it.

Do you require an electrician to install an oven?

To wire the circuit, you will need to be a licensed electrician. The delivery man or installer must inspect the outlet to ensure that the breaker is working properly.

Do you require an electrician to replace light fixtures?

A licensed electrician is not required to do minor electrical work. For new circuits and fuse/breaker boxes, you will need to hire an electrician. An electrician is recommended for more sensitive areas, such as bathrooms.

Light fixtures can be difficult and confusing for someone who is not familiar with such work. You might have to deal with three sets of twin-core or earth wire, as well as the cable for your light fixture.

Which are the best solar panels and why?

Solar panels that are the most efficient and cost-effective will be the best. Your power supply and requirements may limit the types of solar panels you can choose from.

Are solar panels worth the investment for your home?

Renewable energy is the future. You can power your car or home with renewable energy. Contact our team to learn more about Solar Panels Installations Palm Beach. Our team is an LG Pro solar panel installer. We are also EVCC (consumer codes for home charge points for electric cars).

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