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Electric Car Charger for Home
Electric Car Charger

The Top 5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Electric Car Charger For Home

Home charging stations are a convenient and cost-effective way to provide your car with the electricity it needs every day. Here are five things every electric vehicle owner should know when looking for an efficient charging solution. If you have any questions about an Electric Car Charger For Home, call Global Power & AC today. (561) 781-5655

Home Charger Location Matters
Many EV drivers own garages. However, others may have to place their charging station outside, which is less protected from the weather. Pay attention to how durable the charging station is when it comes to being exposed to sunlight, wind, and water over the long term. We offer charging stations for many types of EVs. These charging stations are outdoor-rated (built according to NEMA 4 standards) as well as UL listed. They also come with a durable and waterproof case.

Look for the best location to install your electric car charging station. The majority of EV charging stations include a 25-foot standard charging cable. This allows for greater flexibility in where the charger can be placed.

Keep Size in mind
Many charging stations for electric vehicles are too heavy and cumbersome to transport or require permanent hardwiring. However, the newer 240-volt NEMA plug can be easily mounted in any convenient location. You can unplug the EV Car Charger and take it off its wall mount.

Installation doesn’t have to be difficult
It is not something that anyone wants to do. Many people hire electricians to set up their electric vehicle charging stations at home. When purchasing EV charging equipment, it is important to consider the installation costs. The plug-in version of our EV car charger is very easy to install. It comes with a NEMA-compatible plug. A Tesla-provided adapter can also be used to charge Tesla cars. Global Power & AC offers a simple guide for operating an EV charging station. It is recommended that you hire a licensed electrician.

Charge your car from your couch
The smart charger can connect to your WiFi network to allow you to access all the functions of your charging device via your smartphone, tablet, computer or personal computer. The dashboard and app are simple to use and provide easy access to all functions. You can set reminders, control charging schedules, and view the history of your charging sessions.

How Your Electricity Bill Is Affected By The Charge
Utility electric rates can vary depending on how much electricity is used. Electric cars consume a lot of electricity so charging your car at home during peak hours can be more expensive, especially if there are other appliances on. WiFi connectivity means that your home charger can charge your car automatically during off-peak hours. This can reduce electricity costs and help to lower the impact on the grid. If you have any questions about an Electric Car Charger For Home, call Global Power & AC today. (561) 781-5655

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