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Best Electrical Panel Upgrade
Electrical Panel

It is a common problem that affects all homes. Even if your property and house are well maintained, you should still take care of all your appliances and follow all rules. Your home’s wiring and electrical system might need to be updated. Many homeowners fear the thought of having to upgrade their electrical panels. They see it as too expensive or even worse, they don’t need it. If you have any questions about getting the Best Electrical Panel Upgrade, call Global Power today.  (561) 781-5655

The truth is that an investment in an electrical panel is worthwhile, especially when you consider the potential dangers posed by a poorly functioning or outdated panel. A panel will typically last between 20 and 30 years. However, you should still check it every so often as the world is using more electricity than ever. Your panel 20 years old might not be able to handle this amount of energy.

It is obvious that an updated panel is important and necessary. But, if you are wondering why it costs so much, these are the main reasons.

1. The cost of the Panel

The average cost of upgrading an electrical panel, including labor and materials, is between $2,500 and $4,500. The price of an electrical panel upgrade can vary a lot due to factors such as the cost of the professional electrician or any unexpected problems that may arise along the way. It depends on the difficulty level, amperage, and whether the panel must be relocated. Prices vary from the main panel to or sub-panel.

The actual panel is what makes an electrical panel upgrade so expensive. Most people today upgrade because they need more power. Therefore, they need a panel that has more amperage. The cost of a panel with more amperage will be higher. If you have an existing 200 amp panel that is not working properly and are unable to find a solution, you can opt for a 400 amps panel, which is much more expensive. A lack of breaker space is another reason why you may need to upgrade. This was the norm in the past.

2. The Quality of Work

It is not an easy job to upgrade an electrical panel. This is why labor is such a large part of the project’s cost. The panel is the heart of your entire house’s electrical system so it is important not to cut corners.

It is important to hire an experienced licensed electrician who has extensive experience with electrical panel installation and upgrades. There are many implications and ramifications to this work that could affect your electrical system and pose a great risk to your family. The following are some of the most common problems that can result from poor work:

Insecure wiring – If the wires aren’t properly secured, or the staples are too tight around them, severe damage could occur such as the breakdown of the wire.

Wiring size is a problem – incorrectly sized wires can lead to overheating.

Incorrect wire length – Electrical connections are made using the stripping of wires. This can lead to short circuits.

Connection issues – It is very important to have tight connections. Overheating and arcing can lead to electrical fires as well as personal injury.

3. Materials Required

It is important to emphasize that quality is vital when upgrading an electrical panel. The cost of the project will rise due to the high-quality materials required.

New wiring might be necessary when upgrading the panel. This will increase the cost. The cost of additional materials is increased if the electrician finds other problems, such as worn-out receptacles or wiring, or outdated fixtures.

Three Reasons why an electrical panel upgrade is worth the cost

Although a panel upgrade can be expensive, it is definitely worth the cost. Not only are they safer for your home but also increase your property’s resale and attract more buyers. The three main reasons panel upgrades are worth the cost are listed below.

It protects your home

Electrical fires are a common cause of death and destruction every year. Each year, approximately 51,000 electrical fires are reported. They cause an average of 500 deaths each year.

Electrical fires are often started by electrical panels that have become clogged or outdated. This panel can pose a threat to your home and family. It is worth upgrading your panel. This will protect your family and prevent you from electric fires.

It will increase the value of your home

You must make constant improvements to increase the value of your home in the real estate market. Your property’s value will increase due to the fact that an electrical panel can last 20-30 years, and that the upgrade itself requires a substantial investment.

An upgraded electrical panel with a high amperage is a great selling point if you are looking to sell your home. More people have power-hungry devices and appliances.

It protects your electric system

Even if the panel isn’t defective or at risk of causing electrical fires, it can still cause serious damage to your electronics and newer appliances. Your appliances and devices will be at risk if the panel is unable to handle the increased power consumption and the new power requirements.

If you own price appliances or electronic devices such as smart TVs or gaming consoles, it can be a nuisance and an additional expense. You can have as many devices as your heart desires, and still keep your breakers from tripping by investing in an electrical panel.

An easy electrical upgrade can improve your quality of life

A good electrical upgrade can make a huge difference in the appearance and value of any property or business. It will be amazing how much an electrical upgrade can make a big difference in your home or business. When you choose an electrician to enhance your home, make sure they have the right experience and knowledge to guide you.

Our certified and highly-trained electricians are ready to assist you with any electrical panel upgrades. They will do it quickly and without fuss. If you have any questions about getting the Best Electrical Panel Upgrade, call Global Power today. (561) 781-5655

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