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Residential Electrician in Boca
Residential Electrician

Residential Electrician in Boca

A good Residential Electrician in Boca considers the dangers of electricity as more than just the potential for being shocked or electrocuted. On a worksite, electricity can cause other dangerous situations. Short circuits or overloaded wires can cause fires and injuries, some arcs that are caused by short circuits can cause dame to equipment, and electricity can provide the spark that triggers explosions if working around flammable vapors or gases.

In particular, there are five examples of hazards that are very common but easily preventable, especially if you consult or get an inspection by a Residential Electrician in Boca.

  • Working on live circuits– Just a momentary contact with a live circuit could cause a serious injury. Even if the worker isn’t hurt by the shock, he can be startled and jump or fall backwards into another person or an object. The workers who take shortcuts with live circuits are the workers who end up hurting themselves or those around them.

  • Skipping lockout/tagout– Even on low-voltage circuits, the current should be shut off at the switch box, and a padlock installed to keep it from being reenergized. Tags are then placed on any switches or controls to make it clear that the equipment is out of service. Only the worker who locked out the equipment or a person with specific authorization should be allowed to remove the tags and lock.

  • Forgetting PPE– The right personal protective equipment is part of safety procedures, and depending on the nature of the work, that may include everything from rubber insulating gloves, to face shields, to special helmets.

  • Improper grounding– A properly grounded circuit provides a very high level of security because it directs the flow of electricity away from the human body by giving it a faster route to an earth ground.

  • Damaged extension cords– If an extension cord has damaged insulation and bare copper wire is showing through, or if someone used duct tape to make a quick repair or splice to a damaged cord it could be very dangerous and lead to dangerous shock if the exposed wires come into contact with a moist surface.

The benefits of hiring a Residential Electrician in Boca are pretty clear. Preventative maintenance is something that is not looked upon in electrical equipment, yet it can save you thousands of dollars and help preserve the longevity of your equipment.  Whatever your Residential Electrician in Boca needs are, Global Poer & AC are here to assist you every step of the way. For inquiries please call (561) 781-5655

Whatever your South Florida residential electrician needs are, Global Power & AC are here to assist you every step of the way.

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